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Phoenix Housing Prices Continue to Increase, Don't Miss This Investment Opportunity

While home prices in most major U.S. cities have been dropping in the past six months, prices in Phoenix have been rising. This increase in home prices is another indicator that this is the last chance for potential investors to get involved in Phoenix real estate investment funds, as most Arizona real estate investment companies close their doors to new investors once housing prices begin to increase.

The S&P/Case-Shiller monthly index has reported that Phoenix, AZ has seen five straight months of gains in home prices. This is positive news for the Phoenix real estate market, as it was one of the cities hardest hit by the housing bust.

The increase in housing prices support Capstone’s decision to close the Saguaro Series 2 investment fund on June 30, 2012. There’s been some nice appreciation in the Phoenix market over the last number of months. In order to protect the equity already established, Capstone felt it appropriate and necessary to close the fund to new investment. This is a real win for investors.

Capstone recommends that anyone interested in joining this Phoenix real estate investment fund should do so immediately. This investment fund is RRSP eligible, and makes for a smart TFSA investment for investors who are interested in stock market alternatives, or simply looking at diversifying investment portfolios.

About Capstone Real Estate

For the past 40 years, Capstone Real Estate has boasted the expertise and diligence required to properly select and comprehensively manage various real estate investment projects. Capstone is able to generate maximum returns from their investments by purchasing under-valued real estate and making it more accessible to potential investors. Our knowledge in real estate acquisition and finance, combined with founders who together have over 40 years of real estate experience have shaped a track record that speaks for itself. Reliability, leadership, and knowledge are a guarantee when you choose to invest with Capstone Real Estate.

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