Capstone Real Estate Releases A New RRSP Eligible U.S. Real Estate Investment

Calgary, Alberta (February 21, 2012) - Capstone Real Estate is pleased to announce the release of their new RRSP eligible U.S. real estate investment, the Southwest Opportunity Trust. This real estate investment offering is exclusive to Canadian investors.

The Southwest Opportunity Trust invests in residential real estate in the Southwest United States with a focus on Phoenix, Arizona. Investors will be paid a preferred return of 8% per annum, distributed semi-annually, plus addition profit participation when all the homes are liquidated in their target holding period of 3-5 years.

Capstone has had tremendous success investing in Phoenix real estate, purchasing over 200 single family homes since early 2010. " As an all cash buyer of over 200 homes over the last 3 years, we have the expertise and infrastructure already in place to continue our success in the Phoenix real estate market," states Capstone President Jim Vincent.

Phoenix real estate is leading the U.S. real estate recovery, and Canadian demand has never been greater. Many of Capstone's existing investors simply re-allocated existing RRSP funds to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of this hassle free way to invest in Phoenix real estate.

Capstone Real Estate will be hosting a weekly webinar to educate investors on the key features of the Southwest Opportunity Trust. The webinar will also include:

  1. Who is Capstone Real Estate and what is their track record of success.

  2. Why the U.S. housing market collapsed and why it's now turning around.

  3. Accurate data on the U.S. housing market that you don't hear in the media.

  4. Actual examples of homes we've already purchased in Phoenix.

  5. How to re-allocate existing RRSP's to take advantage of this investment.

  6. Question's and answer's.

Click the following link to view webinar dates and times.

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