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Prepare for a Volatile Market When Investing in Arizona

The Arizona real estate market can be a volatile one. Builders, renters, and buyers must be able to react quickly with sudden market shifts, which can be very difficult. Due to this, Phoenix real estate investments can also be tricky to understand and participate in, which is why it is important to invest with a company who thoroughly understands the Arizona real estate market. Capstone Real Estate takes great pride in their detailed knowledge of the Greater Phoenix area, RRSP eligible investments within the area, and what they've coined as "armchair investing". Capstone understands how quickly the Arizona real estate market can shift, and with this believe that their investors can feel comfortable investing in such a rapidly changing market. In an article in the Phoenix Business Journal, Michael Orr, Director of the Real Estate Center at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University stated that “Arizona is a very volatile market,” explaining that the upward pricing trend that began in late September 2011 continued to gain strength in March 2012. Orr also claimed that the overall supply fell 64 percent compared with 12 months ago, and distressed supply fell by 82 percent. To read the full article in the Phoenix Business Journal, click here. About Capstone Real Estate For the past 40 years, Capstone Real Estate has boasted the expertise and diligence required to properly select and comprehensively manage various real estate investment projects. Capstone is able to generate maximum returns from their investments by purchasing under-valued real estate and making it more accessible to potential investors. Our knowledge in real estate acquisition and finance, combined with founders who together have over 40 years of real estate experience have shaped a track record that speaks for itself. Reliability, leadership, and knowledge are a guarantee when you choose to invest with Capstone Real Estate. Contact Us: | 403.444.9700 | Calgary, AB

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