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Phoenix Real Estate Market Continues to Look Up

With the closing date of our Saguaro Series 2 investment fund drawing nearer each day (it's June 30, in case you've forgotten) our analysts have been searching regularly for signs that reinforce our decision to close the fund to new investors. While this is not to say that there will be no further investment opportunities available in Phoenix, it simply demonstrates that this particular investment fund has had great success. There are various factors that our analysts study in order to make their decisions regarding our investment funds, one of which is to study the housing and pricing trends of the relevant market. In an article posted on, author Catherine Reagor informs readers that in the past 12 months, Phoenix housing prices have increased 20 percent, and in just three months (March to May) prices climbed eight percent. The article then goes on to state that, “the median price of a house in the region climbed to $134,900, according to a new report from the W.P. Carey School of Business of Arizona State University, and the trend is projected to continue throughout the year.” According to the article, this turnaround in housing prices can be credited to steep drops in foreclosures and in the number of homes for sale, as well as an increase in sales. To read the full article on, click here. About Capstone Real Estate For the past 40 years, Capstone Real Estate has boasted the expertise and diligence required to properly select and comprehensively manage various real estate investment projects. Capstone is able to generate maximum returns from their investments by purchasing under-valued real estate and making it more accessible to potential investors. Our knowledge in real estate acquisition and finance, combined with founders who together have over 40 years of real estate experience have shaped a track record that speaks for itself. Reliability, leadership, and knowledge are a guarantee when you choose to invest with Capstone Real Estate. Contact Us: | 403.444.9700 | Calgary, AB

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