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Capstone Real Estate Corporation Hosts Real Estate Investment Seminar

News Release | February 1st, 2012 | For Immediate Release

Managing Partner David Udy Discusses Investment Diversification and Current Real Estate Opportunities

Calgary, Alberta (February 1st, 2012) Ryan Hittel, Business Development Manager of Capstone Real Estate Corporation announced today that Capstone will be hosting an investment seminar discussing how to maximize investment gains and educate attendees on the importance of a diversified portfolio.

“The stock markets have been on an excellent run. Now is an excellent time to rebalance your portfolio with a real estate investment that has already gone through a market correction and has low correlation to stock market volatility,” explains Hittel. The seminar is aimed at educating Canadians on the opportunity to use the US housing crisis to their advantage by investing in RRSP eligible Phoenix Real Estate. The details of the event can be found on the Capstone website. “We will be educating people why a portfolio split between stocks and bonds isn’t adequate,” concluded Hittlel. With a $10,000 investment you can take advantage of the US housing market and make a real estate investment that has great potential to provide a high return. About Capstone Real Estate Corporation Cementing a solid reputation since 2004, the name Capstone Real Estate has been synonymous with successful real estate investing. Established to provide a turnkey solution to creating wealth in real estate, Capstone works to help investors experience positive returns without lifting a finger – by allowing them to participate in real estate investing without the hassle of management responsibilities. With decades of expertise under their belt, the Capstone management team has created many positive investing experiences.

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