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Canadians Top Investors in Phoenix Real Estate

With stock markets going up or going down on a daily basis, Canadian investors are starting to seek real assets, real returns by diversifying their portfolios and investing in Phoenix real estate. Albertans are investing the most says Tom Ruff, market researcher for The Information Market.

As the Canadian dollar hovers equally (and at times surpassing) the Greenback, Canadians are starting to look at Phoenix’s real estate market as a way to generate returns on their investment. Charles Duck, full service broker in Phoenix, told the media that Canadians are seeking ways for long term investment growth.

“(Canadians) shouldn’t go wrong having a certain amount of wealth in U.S. real estate,” he said. “As the U.S. economy strengthens and the U.S. dollar grows relative to the Canadian, the value of their wealth will increase too.”

Because of the volatility in the stock markets, Toronto couple David and Leanne Fullerton decided to diversify their portfolio and invest in Phoenix’s real estate market. “We thought at the time we should get in while all conditions were favourable,” David, 49, told the Times Colonist. “If we hadn’t invested, our stocks would be down 15% from last year.” About Capstone Real Estate Corporation

Cementing a solid reputation since 2004, the name Capstone Real Estate has been synonymous with successful real estate investing. Established to provide a turnkey solution to creating wealth in real estate, Capstone works to help investors experience positive returns without lifting a finger – by allowing them to participate in real estate investing without the hassle of management responsibilities. With decades of expertise under their belt, the Capstone management team has created many positive investing experiences.

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